Posted by: disadvo | February 28, 2009


Since this is my first blog entry ever I should tell you why I decided to start it. As somone with a significant disability who has lived long enough to witness some extraordinary changes in attitudes towards people with disabilities, I wanted to share my observations. Hopefully this will make people think. You don’t have to aqgree with me just remember theae are my observations. I really hope to get feedback from not only the disabled community but the larger community as well.



  1. Bill

    Beautiful site and a great idea. I have never even looked at a blog before so not sure how this all works but I would say you are the right man for this job!

  2. Hi Bill,

    Miss you on the board and looking forward to reading your comments. You certainly are in a position to have valuable insights.

  3. I think many people would find your perspective valuable. I know I have. I echo Edd & Eve’s comments. You know I’m not a great typist so I’d still prefer our conversations but I’ll try this forum.

  4. This is a great idea. We need to share ideas and concepts of disability in the Central Valley. Bill, you have been a part of the disability leadership in the Valley for years. Perhaps you could share some of your insights in terms of the disability rights evolution.

  5. Damn, another good idea by my little brother. Now I’m gonna have to try even harder.

  6. Hey, Mr. Bill!

    This is the first Blog I’ve ever visited! I would rather you blogged then twitter since it’s gotten so many in trouble in congress already…. God knows you and I don’t need any help finding trouble! Since you’ve heard more than your fair share of my rants as my coworker, I’m glad to read and participate a rational blog. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on many subjects!

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